An excellent leash that comes with a one year unbreakable technology, remarkable strength, and cutting edge double swivel technology.

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  • AMAZING COMFORT & STRENGTH – Wave Tribe Leg Rope Double Swivel Technology With Rapid Release Turning Action So You Won’t Get Stuck
  • GOOD FOR YOU, GOOD FOR THE PLANET. Made with Recycled Plastic As Strong As Other Surfboard Leashes—Eco Strength Made With Strong Like Bull Recycled Plastic Which Is Stronger Than Regular Plastic With Certified Melding Surfing Leash Technology. Wave Tribe have sourced the best quality eco materials available.
  • SUPERMAN VELCRO SURFING LEASH STRAP. Superman Velcro Will Not Come Off Leg—Wave Tribe Surfboard LeashTested At Mavericks & Chopes in Huge Surf. Certified Strong As Superman Surf Leash.
  • THE BEST SURFBOARD LEASH IN WORLD – Grab yourself the best quality leash you can find at an amazing price. Tested and thrashed the Wave Tribe leash to give you a leash with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Made from heavy duty eco materials, with a light weight max strength 7mm cord, leash will not snap and keeps your board attached no matter how many times you wipe out in big or small surf. This leash and leash connection absorb wave and board impact, stretching up to 7 times the coiled length.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – If You Break The Wave Tribe Surfboard Leash We Will Replace It Free No Questions Asked. Buy with confidence, products stored and shipped (quickly & reliably) to you by Amazon – surf products are guaranteed with a STOKED guarantee. If it doesn’t deliver what it is supposed to, it will be replaced or refunded. We stand behind our products, with rad customer feedback to prove it, & are known for great product support & service. We are a small business – by surfers for surfers

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