FinalStraw’s PATENTED design includes an interior drying rack and newly designed silicone squeegee all packed into a portable recycled plastic case so you can take your straw with you wherever you go. If you can remember your keys…you can remember your straw.

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  • PATENTED FINALSTRAW LISTING: Congrats! You’ve found the OFFICIAL FinalStraw listing [as seen on SharkTank]. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY IMPOSTERS. Our team has worked extremely hard to create a high-quality straw that you will be proud to show off! Join the FinalStraw movement today!
  • WE GET IT, $25 might seem like a lot for a straw. Here’s the thing: we really care about creating a long-lasting, ethically made product. That means higher costs for quality materials and committing to eco-friendly production facilities. Our mission is to create less waste in the world, so we’ve invested in making each FinalStraw a product that will truly last you a lifetime.
  • JUICY DETAILS: One FinalStraw , One Carrying Case (Keychain), One Drying Rack, One Cleaning Squeegee, One Ambassador Card
  • FINAL THOUGHTS: Our mission is to empower individuals to change their consumer habits while raising awareness of the impacts of single-use plastics. We will do so by providing functional, responsibly made, reusable, and pretty dang cool products. In doing so, we hope to raise public awareness about the devastating impact of plastic pollution and put pressure on restaurants to stop serving single-use straws.

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