Zero Waste Stores

Do you ever go to the grocery store and look at the ridiculous amount of plastic everything is packaged in? Think about the way we buy groceries, specifically produce. We stroll on over to the produce section, find the best looking fruit and veggies we can find, and plop them into a plastic bag to then put into our cart. But why do we do this? Has it become a social norm to put our produce, which came from dirt, into a plastic bag, so that it doesn’t get dirty? It doesn’t make sense, right? Well lucky for us, zero waste stores are putting an end to this crazy thinking! 

So you may be thinking, what is a zero waste store? 

Zero waste stores are basically stores that sell items without any plastic. In zero waste grocery stores, all food items are stored loosely, either in bins or containers, and the shopper chooses exactly how much they want by putting the goods in a container or a reusable bag they bring from home. While zero waste stores are typically grocery stores, there are zero waste stores with other items too, such as personal care items, beauty products, cleaners, and other household items! 


How do zero waste stores work? 

A consumer wanting to buy granola would typically go to the supermarket and buy a pre-packaged, plastic bag or container of granola. At zero waste stores, granola is handled loosely, and the consumer brings their own bag or container to hold the granola. These reusable produce bags are perfect for any items at zero waste stores, especially produce. If you want to check out other zero waste stores, make sure you check what types of containers to bring if you’re looking to buy something like soap, deodorant, or beauty products! When you go to a zero waste store, especially if you bring your own container, make sure to have an employee weigh your container, so that you know you are only paying for whats in the container, and not the weight of the container. 


What are the benefits of zero waste stores?

Shopping at zero waste stores helps the environment by reducing the amount of trash we throw away, which helps keep items out of landfills. With more zero waste stores opening up, there are more opportunities to help save the environment. Shopping at zero waste helps us reduce our climate impact and minimize pollution. Did you know that 91% of plastic is not recycled? By shopping at zero waste stores, we can reduce the amount of waste, and keep the environment plastic free– as it should be! 

How can I find a zero waste store near me? 

Zero waste stores are becoming increasingly popular, and more are popping up every day! Looking for a zero waste store near you? Check out this list of the best zero waste stores in these metropolitan areas around the United States. 

New York City:

4th Street Co-op 

Fairway Market 

The Health Nut 



Verde Market 



Bulk Nation  

Lucky’s Market 


San Francisco:

Rainbow Grocery


Mollie Stone’s Market 


Washington DC: 

MOM’s Organic Market 

Yes! Organic Market 



Sevanda Co-op

Fresh Harvest 


Kansas City:

Nature’s Own Health Food 



Ballard Market 

Central Co-op

New Seasons Market

Central Market


Los Angeles: 

Erewhon Natural Foods


Wild Terra 



Dill Pickle Food Co-op

Local Foods 

Sugar Beet Food Co-op



Whole Foods 

The Spirited Gourmet 



NOOCH Vegan Market 

Zero Market 



Dave’s Market 

Lucky’s Market 


Central Market 




Riverwards Produce 

MOM’s Organic Market 

Kimberton Whole Foods 


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