Most sustainable yoga gear

Regular yoga practitioners are typically more conscious than most. If you’re a serious or occasional yogi looking for the most eco-friendly yoga brands in this world, look no further. Let’s take a look at sustainable mats, blocks, attire, accessories and more for your practice. All available on Amazon for easy access to sustainable stuff – that’s sort of our thing here at Heckin’.


Sustainable eco-friendly yoga mats


As a diver and obvious ocean-lover, this is easily my favorite mat because SUGA mats are made from recycled wetsuits, how cool is that. It’s an obvious choice for any earth and ocean-loving yoga practitioner. In addition to being made from cool materials, these mats are also non-slip and antimicrobial. They are made to last and

Check it out


Repose Eco-Friendly Rubber Yoga Mat

These mats are a gorgeous cork color sourced sustainably by stripping bark as opposed to cutting down the entire tree. Some brands add recycled tire (full of chemicals) to their mats, but not Repose. These mats are biodegradable and recyclable, plus no plastics are used in production or packaging. It is a 4mm non-slip mat perfect for any practice. Check it out


Yoloha Nomad Cork Yoga Mat

Easily one of the most beautiful yoga mats on earth. This beautiful cork color is decorated with a compass that integrates artistic features, the sun, moon and stars. It’s non-slip, super sustainable, antimicrobial and gorgeous. This 4.5mm mat is the perfect homebase mat for any traveling soul. Check it out


eco-friendly organic jute yoga mat

Agna Eco-friendly Jute Mat

This 5mm mat is for the serious yogi. At 72 inches long, it’s a great choice for all our taller yogis out there. Made from organic and sustainably sourced jute, this threaded mat is beautiful, sustainable and comfortable. With a great price. Check it out


Sustainable yoga mat towels

Manduka and Yogitoes

These brands make eco-friendly yoga mat towels from recycled materials in stunning designs. Check it out

Eco-friendly Yoga Blocks and Accessories


42 Birds All Natural Cork Yoga Clock

This conscious brand has succeeded in making the ultimate yoga block out of 100%  recycled cork. If you’re a bird, I’m a bird. Check it out


Kuyou Double Pack Cork Block Set

Made from sustainably-sourced cork, these blocks provide support and are made to last. This 2-pack block set includes two blocks and a yoga strap, it is quite the value. Check it out


Yoloha Yoga Wheel

These sustainable yoga wheels come with some pretty nifty designs – from chakras to dreamcatchers to sacred geometry. These premium cork yoga wheels are handcrafted locally by skilled woodworkers in the USA. The core is constructed from sustainably-sourced maple and poplar wood and sealed with furniture wax made from locally-sourced beeswax. Check it out


Barba Wipes

Keep your yoga gear clean with these eco-friendly water-activated wipes. These compact wipes are genius – it is a pill sized tablet that expands when dropped in water. Forget the harsh chemicals and plastic bottles, Barba-Wipes™ are even meant to be reused. Go bio with Barba. Check it out


Environmentally-friendly Yoga Attire


Prana Sustainable Yoga Brand

Prana provides exceptional attire that is not only made to last, but made sustainably as well. They are looking to change the way clothing is made, something we support 100%. If you’re looking for eco-friendly yoga pants, leggings, yoga tops or shorts for all genders, take a peak at Prana. Check it out


That’s our pick of sustainable yoga gear! Let us know what your favorites are, if you’re already the owner of any of these eco-friendly yoga picks – let the world know what you think in the comments below to help your fellow sustainable yogis make the right pick for them.

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