silicone straws in smoothie jars

The best reusable straws for smoothies

We at Heckin’ are what you can call strawnoisseurs. AKA, straw connoisseurs – which just means we really know sustainable straws. There are so many! Each with their own perfect place in the kitchen. Here’s our top picks for smoothie straws:


First up, Softy Straw Silicone Straws


green silicone straw in a green smoothie

These straws are bright, bendy and broad – everything you’d want in a smoothie straw. Pick them up by the pack on Amazon. 


For a classier touch, check out Terra Futura Glass Straws

They’re 10′ long, wide, and shock resistant – plus, they’re pretty sleek. Give your next smoothie sesh some class with these glass beauties.


eco friendly glass straws pack


Since straws are being banned on a global scale, you’ll want to carry a couple of these around with you for when that smoothie craving kicks in. Tuck one into your laptop sleeve, purse, briefcase or backpack – We do it!


What’s the deal with this whole straw ban? Well, let’s discuss.

Because they’re the most unnecessary plastic thing the world uses. Countries around the world have been banning straws for years because they fill up landfills and the ocean for no good reason. Unless you have a disability, you really don’t need a straw.


You might say, well at a restaurant I don’t want to touch the glass with my mouth. First of all, why are you eating at a restaurant where you question the cleanliness of the drinkware? The same concern should apply to the fork, the plate, and the food itself.


Second of all, you do realize that the entire contents of the cup is touching the cup… right?

Yeah, 🤯


If you want to know Why straws suck so much ← read this.

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