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Why straws suck so much

Check out this Nat Geo article A brief history of how plastic straws took over the world to learn a thing or two about how saying no to those pesky suckers we call straws is spreading across the globe.

Apparently, it all started with a mint julep on a hot summer day.


Here’s why straws are bad:

Straws generally can’t be recycled

Most straws don’t weigh enough to make it through the mechanical recycling sorter. They drop down into unclassified containers and are disposed of as trash.


Straws hurt animals

Whether you think humans are the heckin best thing walking the planet or not, you have to acknowledge that we aren’t the only ones here and our actions affect the entire ecosystem. Our silly need to suck liquids through a tube is causing an environmental epidemic!

Exhibit A:

You may have seen this video shot by marine biologist Christine Figgener back in 2015 of the beautiful sea turtle with the straw stuck up its nose. Poor babe. We’ve embedded the video below, but we warned… heartbreak may occur. ⚠️


Or how about the whales that keeping washing up with plastic in their tummies?

Like this pregnant whale with nearly 50 pounds of plastic in her stomach that washed up on the shores of Italy. There’s a story like this every couple of months.

whale plastic stomach


Straws are trash… We’re turning the earth into a giant dump

If you don’t give a heck about the aminals. Maybe the fact that they’re littering the parts of the world you love. Like imagine going to the beach but instead of sand, it’s all straws…ew. Or going to fish on the lake but your bait can’t drop because there’s plastic covering the surface of the water… double ew. By the year 2050, it’s estimated that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

Eat it and weep – plastic is in our seafood

Karma is a real thing…

What goes around, comes around because plastic that gets into our waters slowly deteriorate into what is called “microplastic” which fish then eat and can’t metabolize. Research shows that plastic is in sea salt, 94% of U.S. tap water, and shellfish.

Which means, that the next time you order your favorite fish dip down by the docks, or a fancy ‘wild’ salmon, you’ll be enjoying some yummy plastic too – bon apetit!

woman eating plastic


But, what about the people who NEED straws? Anyone who has had a stroke, has autism, MS or other life changing physical issue needs a straw. 

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